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Vortex Truck Bed Liner

If you're looking for the best Portable Spray-On Truck Bed Liner System available, you just found it!  But... if you think that Vortex is only for trucks, THINK AGAIN!  Vortex can be applied to virtually any surface that you can apply paint to, with much more durable results that will beautify your surface and last up to 5 times longer than most coatings solutions.  Imagine being able to renew your deck or save your bathroom without tearing everything apart.

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The Spray On Truck Bed Liner market continues to grow at an incredible pace everyday. Vortex Spray Systems has taken the whole concept of spraying on a bed liner to a whole new level. They designed, engineered and manufactured the world's first and only:

"TRULY PORTABLE SPRAY ON LINER SYSTEM." There are other spray on truck bed liner systems that say they are portable, but then again the "Queen Mary Ship" is technically portable, "But is it practical?" Of course not.

Vortex is the only Patented portable system that can create a high impact, durable and insulated surface.  It can also be combined with our GRANITEXTM PolyphaticTM Glaze to give a whole new dimension to your worn surfaces.  Vortex protective coating offers the perfect combination of strength and flexibility making it incredibly durable.  It can withstand incredible tearing and shearing forces that would make a softer liner shred!  Only Vortex can do more than just a truck bed and be so portable!

Our exclusive Vortex material uses a hybrid, crosslinking technology, and is a mixture of polyurea and polyurethane.  Polyurea gives it the abrasion resistance and polyurethane gives it the impact resistance... the best of both worlds!  Applied using our patented Vortex KV-5006 System, this ultimate coating will dry in less than 10 seconds.  The resulting chemical and impact resistance is great for more than just a truck bed.  Vortex has a crush modulation of over 52,000 psi and is resistant to even the harshest of chemicals including battery acid. Great for workshop floors because it will withstand the impact of tools and parts, it also has a "thermal conductivity" insulation factor to hold in cold or heat with less than a 1% transfer.  Finally, Vortex protective coating is FDA and USDA compliant, thus it's also great for food storage lockers to keep in the cold and garage floors to keep the heat in during cold seasons.  To read more about thermal conductivity click the link below.




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